Yeah, there, it's moving now...

Einstein spent his life proving we're made of Energy...

We are energetic beings from the cellular level. Every cell contains the universal spark of life; our personal connection to the cosmos.

     The future of health and wellness and medicine in general needs to come to the understanding that energy, vibration, and frequency are the key to the coming evolution of care.


True healers are either born or created through a traumatic event in one's life. Myself; I was brought into this world through an act of violence against a woman. Then abandoned, abused and almost beaten to death at 10. From infancy, I had to develop the ability to perceive and experience energetic frequencies in order to survive. Over the years I've worked hard to strengthen my abilities through intent, focus and control, in order to gain an understanding of the power to heal within each of us.

Energy can become blocked or diminished. The most common side effect is pain. Once we get the energy flowing properly, the frequency is restored and your limits vanish. Imagine having a day; pain-free, where you become all that you were meant to be.

As a Vibrational Touch Healer who specializes in deep tissue Neuromuscular bodywork, I focus on the connective tissue of the body, the most abundant tissue, that has a direct effect on every system within your body.

With over 18 years experience as a therapist, I have over 1000 hrs. of training and over 12,000 hrs. of practical hands-on experience. I have a degree in Applied Science with a focus on Therapeutic bodywork and I am currently completing a PhD program in Philosophy with a specialization in Integrative Therapies. All of this is then combined with over 45 years of personal life experiences ranging from; the martial arts and dance to fitness training and massage. I am also an Army veteran of 6 plus years. with a law enforcement and counterintelligence background.

My business partner is Tara Noel Cavell. She's a 10-year-old Shiatzu that has been working beside her dad as a comfort provider for his clients since she was 3 months old.

She's also his receptionist, the studio nurse and provides complimentary Shihi Tzu Therapy!


Jon David Cavell, CMT, CFT

Vibrational Touch Healer


My Rates



30 min. .......... $40.   (site specific)


1 hr. .............. $120. (regional-upper/lower)

(1+ additional application)


2hr. ............... $180. (full body)

(2+ additional applications)


Additional Applications


(Essential Oils, Whole Body Vibration(WBV), Stretch/Flex, Inversion, Oxygen, Micro-current, Thermal-genics, BEMER)

789 Lombardi Court Suite 201
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
(707) 293-3719