Therapeutic Bodywork

54% of Physicians recommended massage to their patients

Muscles that are chronically contracted disrupt the symmetry of balanced forces acting on the skeleton. They hold bones out of position causing postural distortions that result in structural stress. Trauma, inflammation and surgical scarring can create myofascial restrictions which produce in excess of 2000 lbs. per. sq. in. of pressure; crushing muscle, nerve, and vessels that cause pain and restrict movement. Medications treat pain but not pressure. Other applications relieve pressure but don’t address restriction of movement.

62% of massage consumers had a massage for health reasons

     Our form of Deep Tissue Therapeutic Bodywork is transformational in nature and goes far beyond temporary pleasure or relief and will actually alter conditioned responses, chemical imbalances and structural relationships at the cellular level. By focusing specifically on the connective tissue structures; (fascia, tendons, ligaments) we can improve form (posture), increase function (mechanics), decrease pain and remove toxic waste while elevating the bioenergetic potential.

88% of Americans believe massage can be effective in reducing pain

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