True Compassion is hard to find.


The right words can only come when you know that you’ve been heard. That's the moment that the healing can begin. Our goal is to provide a sanctuary in order to find, to recover, to come back to something of ourselves we once dimly and unknowingly had and had lost, without knowing what it was, or where, or when we lost it. Today's stresses coalesce to make it difficult for one to learn to know ourselves, to like ourselves, to become acquainted with our real feelings and desires, and to learn to use ourselves effectively and joyously.

With our integrated approach incorporating the Mind-Body; one will be more able to resist depression or anxiety, and the Physical Body; will be more able to attend to and repair itself in times of injury and disease. We wish to provide the opportunity to gain experience, elicit a response; whether physical, spiritual or psychological through compassionate care and empathy in order to educate the being as well as the person, helping them to again become one ….. whole.

We cannot continue to compartmentalize our health issues as we do events that occur in our everyday lives. Thoughtful and gentle guidance can help to reduce life stresses while improving the ability to cope with anxiety, depression or loss, thus affecting one's sense of wholeness, quality of life and vitality of spirit.

Our Practitioners