Sound, a core element to vibrational healing.

Are you ready to tune into your core?

Everything in our Universe vibrates in its own unique key, and that includes you! We have everyday language to acknowledge and describe the sounds we make: “high strung,” “low key,” “tuned out.”  I will help you reset your nervous system and get in tune with yourself.


I have three ways to help you feel great again:

  1. If you’re feeling stressed, tense, anxious, come get a relaxing brain tune-up! Listen to the special tuning forks that help your brain reset to its normal functional state.
  2. If you want some pain relief or are recuperating from surgery, the Otto tuners will help increase circulation and speed healing to affected areas. NOTE: if you have osteoporosis or other bone degenerative disorders, do not request this treatment! The vibrations would be very bad for brittle bones!
  3. If you want help with allergies, irrational fears, or recurring negative thought patterns, a combination of EFT and a set of 3 special tuning forks that work on the amygdala (the part of the brain involved with emotional processing) can work wonders!


After spending 25 years in various IT departments doing programming and database design in the Silicon Valley, Sue decided to catch up and develop her right brain by going back to her early fascination with metaphysics and spiritual studies. Known as the “Profit Attraction Mentor,” she is an author, Law of Attraction Coach, Sound Healer, and Master Cartomancer. She specializes in getting her clients unstuck and encouraging them to fulfill their own destinies.

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