The Flow of life can be improved!

You already know that the blood circulating through your arteries, vessels, even capillaries are crucial to your bodies vitality, but did you know you can easily improve it?

You can improve it drastically by just lying down on a BEMER. Marie Anderson will show you how and at the same time show you a better path than traditional supplements for providing your body with nutrition.

Marie became very interested in alternative health when her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She realized quickly how much there was to learn if she was going to be helpful, and set herself to that task.

That process also found its way into her own wellness regime. Marie sought out teachers and practitioners throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been fortunate to work with several of the best.

With hard work and diligence, Marie has transformed her former successful career in sales and marketing, combined with her years of study of holistic remedies, into her current role as a health advisor.

Marie believes in providing excellence in service to others. She continues to study and research in her field so that she can offer others the latest information on the products she recommends.

As a former public school teacher and a graduate of U.C. Berkeley, Marie is adept at listening to, and paying attention to, the needs of others. With these skills, she is better prepared to make recommendations for their journey into a greater state of wellness.

One of Marie’s greatest joys comes from knowing that she has been able to pass on many of these skills on to her son Christopher. He is a caring, thoughtful and giving person that has overcome many challenges and remained faithful to his own vision of service. Like Marie, he is constantly learning, growing and being of service to others.

In Marie’s own words “I am grateful for the new blessings of every day and for my mentors, teachers and my son who inspire me to keep expanding my vision”.

Marie Anderson

Wellness and Nutritional Support

You might be wondering about the benefits.
Maybe you're skeptical?

Experience the technology and let it prove itself! We offer a free first-time session to give you the opportunity to understand more about how it works!

Then you can purchase sessions for as little as ($30 each) in the following ways:

Single Sessions at $50 each
Five Sessions for $175
- or - 
Ten Sessions for $300

Each appointment will take approximately thirty minutes.

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