For thousands of years, on every continent, from every walk of life, humans have performed ceremonies and rites in order to prepare space for energetic, physical and spiritual healing work.


         We continue the tradition today. As we pass through each room, an offering and prayer are made to clear the energy and charge the space ... Now we begin.

Our Daily Prayer

Love and Gratitude for this day

Love and Gratitude for watching over and providing for and the protection of my family and myself

Love and Gratitude for all the individuals you send our way seeking relief and release from their pain and toxins

Love and Gratitude for abilities bestowed on us in order to help relieve some of the suffering and improve functions

We ask for your strength your wisdom and guidance in order to provide what each may need for their journey today

We ring the bell; to release the negative energy left from the days before

We offer a burnt offering of sage; to purify and bless our space

We offer cool clear water; to instill peace and tranquility for all who enter this space

We light the flame; to illuminate the dark

Finally a burnt offering of rose; to elevate the energetic frequency

We offer Love and Gratitude and pray for Health and Prosperity for all.


Hello, my name is Jon David Cavell. I am the Founder and Director of this Holistic Wellness Center. My partner Tara and I would like to welcome you to;



Our Philosophy

“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." Albert Einstein

With a lifetime of experience, I’ve created KANDU BDYWRKS to bring together complementary wellness modalities in order to present to you a complete body experience in your quest to live up to your full energetic potential.

We are a group of professional holistic healers that share one common belief:  that the future of health/wellness and medicine in general needs to come to the realization that; energy, voltage, vibration, frequency, and resonance are key to the coming evolution of care.

We have worked hard to create a personal and integrated approach that is a successful expression of our theory that BioEnergetic therapy by nature is, Experiential in the application, Transformational by its function and Restorative in its results.

We feel by naturally mimicking and stimulating the flow of life energy you will become more in tune with your bodies abilities to heal itself. Thus; you will feel better, perform better and enjoy more of every day you are blessed to experience.

We strive to leave a lasting impression by helping you to live life unlimited thru elevating your energetic potential.

Kandu Bodyworks

Our Mission

We help you to become AWARE of how you use, abuse, poison and neglect your body each and every day.


 We EDUCATE you on how your body reacts to stresses and impurities and how they impact your overall health and wellness.




We then provide a new, different and better EXPERIENCE than your body is used to. The more your body experiences these improved functions the faster it will adapt and change.


The next step is to offer techniques, remedies, and solutions in the form of HOMEWORK to empower you and provide a launch point for taking control of your future wellness. Simple solutions can be done in the moment when it is most critical to effect change before it becomes a major health issue later.


Finally, we design programs using the bodies own systems and how they function to achieve the best RESULTS. We combine centuries-old remedies with new cutting-edge technology to effect therapeutic change to improve form, increase function, decrease pain and elevate your energetic potential.


Our Goal

   The aim is to quiet the mind by helping reduce the stress and anxiety of the day in order to focus on the internal experience of our efforts to help improve your overall health and vitality, thus elevating your quality of life. We wish to help you experience more from life through the realization and understanding that we are all involved in a symbiotic relationship with a living, breathing, intelligent being ... Our Body.




Therapeutic Massage

It all starts deep within you. After all, you're nothing but energy. Moving that core energy is the beginning with Jon-David's work.


Naturopathic Medicine

Gateway Healing - Naturopathic Doctor

Healthy Solutions for Health Problems


Sports Fitness

You're strong, fit, and looking to sharpen your edge. Maintenance of your honed body is a specific skill provided by Sara Carter.


Improved Circulation

Technology can do much more than provide you with a better phone. It can increase your quality of daily life by increasing your circulation.

Meet Marie Anderson, our specialist on circulation and nutrition.



What's trapped inside of you? Years of use, abuse, and neglect take its toll.

When you stop processing properly you stop functioning properly.

Jon-David will provide the cleanse your body craves. 



Give yourself the gift. The gift of Wholistic and Transformative Bodywork.

Surrender yourself to Kathy Reardon for even an hour and you'll leave with a sense of what true relaxation is.


Sound Therapy

Hear the light. Sue Wilhite will tune your vibration, then help you open to the success you were meant to manifest!



Hear the light. Sue Wilhite will tune your vibration, then help you open to the success you were meant to manifest!



Western Medicine Meets Ancient Eastern Wisdom through Reiki energy work with Pamela Daniels-Cullum 


Coming in 2019, Prep/Recovery

Whether you are facing a simple medical procedure, a major surgery, getting on an exercise regime, or even a life event such as a giving birth or preparing for your nuptials, KANDU's resources can collectively assist you before AND after!


Today's life is fast-paced, high tech, and overstressed. This has a negative impact on our overall health and wellness.  Many people expect instant gratification, they just want to be fixed. There must be an app. for that!  We are all looking for that magic bullet, that shortcut that will hopefully help us attain our goals.

Unfortunately, that's not how the body functions or responds.

        This is where Terra Prep/Recovery excels. We have established programs that can provide a launch point to help individuals PREPARE for an event or procedure as well as RECOVER from the same. By paying more attention to the prep/recovery process we can assist individuals to attain their goals quicker with longer lasting results; while reducing the risk of injury and improving overall health and wellness by decreasing recovery time. Any successful wellness program requires prep/recovery.

We can assist you with the following:

Special Events


     In addition; we can also provide assistance in you attaining your health goals with our Wellness Assessment program. This program will give individuals an idea of one's baseline numbers and provide insight into what is needed to help you improve and achieve your wellness goals as well as understand "The Process For Success."

Our assessment will examine the following: 

Vital Stats
Stress test
Fitness test
Range Of Motion
Weight management
Derma Scan


Every aspect of one's life is a story. A good story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. If you don't follow the process the story doesn't make sense and you will fall short of your goal. That's where Prep/Recovery was born. With over 20yrs. in the fitness industry; as a club manager and trainer and then as a personal trainer, I experienced what we referred to as resolution season. At the beginning of every year we make resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, eat better etc. Unfortunately upwards of 70% of individuals fail within the first 60-90 days; why? They didn't follow the process!

Let Terra Prep/Recovery help YOU write your story and see the benefits in your life!


Let's Continue This Journey Together...


Let's Continue This Journey Together...

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