Essential Elements

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More Essential Elements!

Nutrition is the key

      Here; at KANDU BDYWRK Studios, we focus on 3 basic Essential Elements to maintain good bodily condition and function through the consumption of nourishing, wholesome foods in combination with state of the art supplements that improve the body's ability to fight off illness while increasing overall health and vitality.

     First; O2:  Breath is Life. When oxygen levels drop, micro-organisms wake up and attack the body and weakened systems. We have developed a program that combines postural analysis with breath and focus exercises to improve posture that increase conversion and uptake.

     Second; H2O:  Our cells are 70% water. Dehydration is the number one trigger for fatigue, nausea, headaches, lethargy, and constipation. We not only educate about the quantity of water needed but more importantly the quality needed for proper hydration. Water provides voltage to the cells by way of Ph value. When the voltage drops, oxygen dissipates and cell metabolism becomes inefficient.

     Finally:  94% of adults don’t get the nutrients they need from food alone. Our supplemental support program consists of; gene expressive essential oils that carry energetic frequencies needed for cells to talk to each other. Used throughout history; in virtually every culture, in food, religious ceremonies as well as many health issues. Considered mankind's first Medicine.

We also offer a variety of foundational and targeted macronutrient, micronutrient, and phytonutrient whole food supplements that are time-released in combination with a leading intercellular nutritional product. All are certified organic. Include health and lifestyle changes along with personal coaching, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish together.