It's pretty amazing, the amount of toxins we're exposed to,,, everyday.

Clearing the build-up is part of the process...

Modern technology can pull the toxins from your body once you're body has begun to operate efficiently. Combining various modalities is key, and then, your body will begin to release the contamination that our environment creates. 

Ionic foot baths are the ultimate release, but with that, we combine the right sessions to prepare you!

By combining ancient therapies with 21st-century technology specifically designed to mimic and stimulate the bodies natural ability to heal itself by increasing; blood flow, oxygen uptake, energy production and detox while decreasing; fatigue, stress, pain, and acidity. This improved function reduces the overall strain on all organs and systems responsible.

With this new and innovative approach, we hope to improve one's quality of life and help them to live life unlimited.

To that end, we have developed a series of programs to assist us in accomplishing that goal. Through our various detox applications such as; our concentrated walk on the beach, the deep tissue detox or our micro-circulation detox we can affect this process at varying levels and degrees to not only reduce the toxic buildup; but also stimulate those systems involved in the detox process, enabling them to function at a more optimal level naturally.

The goal is to improve one's overall well being. We do not force the body to change or to do something that it does not already do naturally. What we are able to do is communicate with the innate intelligence within the body, stimulating long dormant or low functioning systems to help one elevate their energetic potential.


Jon David Cavell, CMT, CFT
Vibrational Touch Healer


Amplitude Detox Suites


Marie Anderson
Wellness and Nutritional Support


Sherry Krome, Windsor CA

I can't say enough about the wonderful and informative experience I had with Jon David at Kandu Body Works.  After the terrible fires up here, I was experiencing bad headaches from the smoke.  I went to see Jon David and his team at Kandu and got  "BEMER" treatments and Detox foot baths.  Jon David explained in detail what all that (terrible stuff) was that filled up my Detox foot bath. I had 3 detox treatments at Kandu and I have to say after each treatment I felt more energetic and ready to face the day.


Thank you, Jon David.

Cindy M.

A week after the firestorm I became very ill. I was congested with a major headache and coughed so much I could not sleep.  I had extremely low energy and a severe brain fog. My result from the detox process was night and day.  Almost immediately my congestion and headache were gone and I was amazed at how energized I felt.  This is important work. I highly recommend the experience.  I will be back!

Jennifer D.

My voice was almost gone due to the smoke and congestion after the firestorm. What I experienced during my short detox session was amazing. We could actually hear my voice change as toxins were extracted. Afterwards, my voice returned, my brain fog cleared and my energy level was through the roof. You really need to try this. I will be doing this again. Thanks, Amplitude.

AMPLITUDE (Detox packages)

Phase I   Intro:

Enjoy the experience and effects of our concentrated walk on the beach with the Ionic Foot Detox ...... 30min./ $40.

Phase II   Intermediate:

Deepen your experience with a dual application of deep tissue bodywork combined with our ionic detox for a more energetic toxic release .... 2hrs./ $160.

(1hr. deep tissue massage/10min.WBV/30min.ionic detox)

Phase III Advanced:

The deepest detox process we offer is micro-circulation therapy which works at the capillary bed level where all cellular transactions happen. Combined with the ionic detox we can extract the hardest to reach deposits of toxins trapped in the tissues ...

40min./ $80.

 (10min. BEMER/30min.ionic detox)


AMP (Series packages) Ionic

Intro (3) series .... $90.

(2wks/every 3-4 days)


Intensive (5) series .... $140.

(1 a day x 5 days)


Full Detox (10) series .... $250.

(1mo/every 3-4 days)


AMP (Series packages) BEMER

Single (10-20min) .... $50.

Intro (5) series ... $175.

(2 weeks/1 every 3-4 days)

Full (10) series .... $250.

(1 month/1 every 3-4 days)


AMP (series combo packs) BEMER + Ionic foot bath

Intro: (5) BEMER series + (3) ionic series .....$250.

(all completed within 2wks)

Advanced: (10) BEMER series+ (5) ionic series ..... $400.

(all completed within 1 month)

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