Why Detox? ….. For Life!


 “The human body creates 7 different acids daily that are toxic to itself just for life-sustaining functions.”

Our immune system and lymphatic system are the same things. Known as the River of Life; it is our life essence or vital juice related to our vitality and strength. It serves as a means to get hormonal support from one gland to another. It needs water to flow through to remove debris and keep the water from becoming stagnant and breeding bacteria like any river. This is why we are tired and get sick easier. These toxins interfere with the development of new cells.

 “Malignant cancer must have a low oxygen and strong acid environment to survive. Over 150 degenerative diseases are linked to acidity.”

So; by continuing to perpetuate this imbalance weakens the immune system causing a lack of sufficient energy leading to aches and pains, and physical disease, all of which are signs of failures occurring at the cellular level. When ignored or masked over, this condition only continues to get worse.

Our theory is; if we can reduce the toxic load by using an integrated combination of ancient remedies and 21st-century therapeutic applications that mimic or stimulate low functioning or compromised systems naturally, we can establish a synergistic response within the immune system that will elevate the body's overall bioenergetic performance and improve one's health and vitality.

We can accomplish this through the use of our Ionic Detox, Deep Tissue Detox, and our Micro-Circulation Detox programs.


“Most Americans come into contact with between 400-800 chemicals, contaminants, and toxins each and every day.”


         “We get out of it what you put into it”

Our Practitioners


Sherry Krome, Windsor CA

I can't say enough about the wonderful and informative experience I had with Jon David at Kandu Body Works.  After the terrible fires up here, I was experiencing bad headaches from the smoke.  I went to see Jon David and his team at Kandu and got  "BEMER" treatments and Detox foot baths.  Jon David explained in detail what all that (terrible stuff) was that filled up my Detox foot bath. I had 3 detox treatments at Kandu and I have to say after each treatment I felt more energetic and ready to face the day.


Thank you, Jon David.

Cindy M.

A week after the firestorm I became very ill. I was congested with a major headache and coughed so much I could not sleep.  I had extremely low energy and a severe brain fog. My result from the detox process was night and day.  Almost immediately my congestion and headache were gone and I was amazed at how energized I felt.  This is important work. I highly recommend the experience.  I will be back!

Jennifer D.

My voice was almost gone due to the smoke and congestion after the firestorm. What I experienced during my short detox session was amazing. We could actually hear my voice change as toxins were extracted. Afterwards, my voice returned, my brain fog cleared and my energy level was through the roof. You really need to try this. I will be doing this again. Thanks, Amplitude.