True Compassion is hard to find.

Sometimes it just takes someone to listen...

Sometimes the right words can only come when know you've been heard. That's the moment that the healing can begin! That's also the moment that prayer can bring about change. 

I bring my clients closer to the Divine through prayer and allowing them to tap into the infinite. You CAN achieve a greater overall wellness in Spirit, Body, and Mind.

Available for appointments with clients as a spiritual counselor. I have been a licensed practitioner at the Center For Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa for 4 years.

I love sitting with clients to help them remember their true nature and reveal their wholeness that runs alongside any condition they might wish to change. Each opportunity to pray and connect with a client’s heart is a blessing. The grace of spirit is ours and we just need to open to it and allow it to assist us in our goals.  Spirit’s love is infinite and powerful.

I am a serial prayer. My faith is useful for a life that is fully engaged and joyful.  This community has been home for me, a safe haven to grow and for developing stronger spiritual muscles. Life continues to teach me forgiveness and to further hone my ability to let go of being right. Kandu Bodyworks and its community have given me vital health, substance,
and love.



Our guides, our messengers, come to us in so many forms. 

One of mine, Buckeroo gave me a great gift that I'd love to share with you...









Tamarya Hulme, RScP

Spiritual Counselor



"When the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know peace."....Jimi Hendrix

Fee Structure:$65.00 – $75.00, discounts available dependent upon need


“ Working with Tamarya has created within me a deeper recognition of the peace that lies within me and has allowed me to rest better and interact and participate more fully in life.”

“Knowing that I have the freedom to choose again and again how I wish to feel has liberated me.”

“I am experiencing less body pain and more ease every day.”

789 Lombardi Court Suite 201
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
(707) 293-3719