What you'll learn from Tamra is how to reveal..

What's inside, that's what matters. Don't just cover it up, bring it out for the world to see!

Tamra Cavell is the owner and operator of Amavi Boutique. She has been helping others bring out their inner beauty for over five years now. 

As a member of the beauty industry, she has developed specific skills to help you captivate your own unique style. 


Amavi is the space where you enhance the external perceptions of others with the magic of your inner self. It has been cultivated by Tamra and developed into a beauty boutique that offers coiffure that speaks of you, makeup that radiates your being and organic spray tanning customized for your ultimate tone. I also offer body waxing for those times you wish to reveal more of yourself!

When you are looking to create an entire look for that special evening or event, we can provide you with the clothing you will need to complete the look. I can also extend my work into your everyday life.

I offer consulting on clothing selection, makeup technique, daily regime, and regimen. My goal is to provide that unique look that is entirely you! From head to toe...

I strive to make any day you're gifted, a beautiful one. Through that, my intention is to encourage your confidence and free your spirit!

Be you, Be Free, Be Amavi...


Wedding Preparation

It's your special day!

Let me assist you with the preparation. That glow you feel inside will be exposed for all to see...












Flower Girl: $30
Add Lashes: $15
Bridal Trials: $100


Organic Spray Tanning

Kandu Organic spray tanning
Kandu Organic spray tanning 2

Custom Spray Tan

(at our Salon)



Rapid  Spray Tan

(at our salon)




Mobile Spray Tan

(we come to you)

Outside Santa Rosa $60+


Packages for Custom Spray Tan

3 Sessions $105 ($35 per tan)
5 Sessions $165 ($33 per tan)



Tanning Parties (host tans free)


3 Guests - $55 Each
5 Guests - $45 Each
3 Guests - $40 Each

We are proud to say that we offer flawless, healthy, long-lasting spray tans. We have been in business since 2011 and have sprayed over 5,000 customers. 

Tamra Cavell

Beauty Consultant

789 Lombardi Court Suite 201
Santa Rosa, CA 95407
(707) 293-3719

Email: kandubodyworks@gmail.com