Our Philosophy:

With a lifetime of experience; I’ve created KANDU BDYWRK Studios Integrative Therapeutics to bring together complementary wellness modalities in order to present to you, a complete body experience to assist in your quest to live up to your full energetic potential.

We have worked diligently to create a personal and integrated approach that has become a successful expression of our theory that, BioEnergetic Deep Tissue Massage & Detox by its nature is; experiential in its application, transformational by its function, and restorative in its results.

We feel that by naturally mimicking or stimulating the flow of life energy you will become more in tune with your body’s ability to heal and restore itself.

It is our belief that the future of health/wellness and medicine in general, come to the realization that; energy, voltage, frequency, vibration, and resonance are key to the coming evolution of care.

The Mission:

Our mission is to help you become more AWARE of how you use, abuse, poison and neglect your body each and every day. We EDUCATE you on how your body reacts to stress and impurities and how they impact your overall health and wellness. We then provide a new, different, and better EXPERIENCE than what your body is used to. The more your body experiences these improved functions, the faster it will adapt and change.

The next step is to offer techniques, remedies, and solutions in the form of HOMEWORK, to empower and provide you with a launch point for taking control of your future wellness. Simple solutions; that can be done in the moment, when it is most critical to effect change before it becomes a major health issue later.

Finally, we design programs using the body’s own systems; and how they function, to achieve the best RESULT. We combine centuries-old remedies with new cutting-edge technology to effect therapeutic change in order to improve form, increase function, decrease pain and elevate your energetic potential.

Our Goal:

The aim is to quiet the mind by helping reduce the stress and anxiety of the day, in order to focus on the internal experience of our efforts to help improve your health and vitality while elevating your quality of life. We strive to help you experience more from life through the realization and understanding that we are all involved in a symbiotic relationship with a living, breathing, intelligent being ….. Our Body.



About Me:

I’ve always been asked; what makes my bodywork so different?

Well, it’s really about how I’ve been able to successfully blend various modalities and techniques into a cohesive, functional, results-driven application of bodywork.. This body of work is a unique combination of experience and education that incorporates a lifetime as a Therapeutic Intuitive/Facilitator with 30 yrs. of study in Sociology and Behavioral Science thru the entertainment and law enforcement fields, 20+ yrs. in the fitness industry, and over 20 yrs. as a deep tissue therapist.

I’ve received both Basic/Advanced certifications with over 1000 hrs. of training, a degree in Applied Sciences and currently completing a Ph.D. program in Philosophy with a specialization in Integrative Therapies. Recently certified as a Toxicity and Detox Specialist. To date: I have completed over 10,000 massage applications and 1000 detox’s for a total of more than 20,000 hrs. of hands-on practical experience.

Over my lifetime I’ve worked hard; through experience and training, to develop and strengthen my abilities with respect to intent, focus, and control in order to gain an understanding of frequency, vibration, and resonance, which is the energetic power that resides within each of us.

This has been the foundational philosophy behind my career as a deep tissue massage therapist. As a result, we have accomplished a 5-star Yelp and Google rating and have been awarded; Best in Santa Rosa for Therapeutic Massage/Spa Therapies for the last 4 yrs.

This practice has given me the distinct opportunity to combine 50 yrs. life experience and education into a one-of-a-kind approach to assessing an individual's current health and formulate a results-oriented program to achieve a sustainable goal of true integrative wellness.