For thousands of years, on every continent, from every walk of life, humans have performed ceremonies and rites in order to prepare space for energetic, physical, and spiritual healing work.

First, we cleanse

         We continue the tradition today. As we pass through each room, an offering and prayer are made to clear the energy and charge the space ...

Now we may begin



Hello, my name is Jon David Cavell. I am the Founder/Director of this holistic wellness facility and training center. I would like to introduce an evolutionary and transformational new approach to bodywork. BioEnergetic Deep Tissue Massage and Detox employs the use of universal frequencies in an integrated system of therapeutic techniques that; when applied, elevate energetic properties, improve physical Functionality and decrease toxic load, resulting in increased Resilience of overall health/vitality.


     Our program has been developed to help resolve the top (2) physical and health complaints of the last 20+ years.



Are you interested in a new experience; with positive results in addressing your pain and dysfunction?

My partner Tara and I invite you to explore and experience what has become my life's work as we welcome you to;


#1 Complaint:  Everything Hurts

(Hips/Low back/Shoulders/Neck)

Our answer:  BioEnergetic Deep Tissue Massage


* Relieves muscle tension/pain

* Improves balance, coordination, and sensory awareness

* Lowers blood pressure and anxiety

“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”  Albert Einstein

Life is about vibration, frequency, and resonance. We are electric beings at the cellular level. Each tissue, organ, and system has its own distinct energetic frequency. Certain frequencies can stimulate the release of biochemicals and hormones that trigger the healing response.

(54% of physicians recommend massage to their patients)

Touch is one of the principal elements for the successful development and functional organization of the central nervous system and is as vital to our existence as food, water, and breath. By using tactile input, we can actually re-educate and re-program the organism into becoming more coordinated, more flexible, and more appropriately responsive … literally more “intelligent.”

(62% of massage consumers had a massage for health reasons)

By using various forms of universal frequencies to mimic or stimulate the body naturally, we can improve distortions and restore disruptions within these energetic fields providing better information to each cell enabling them to communicate more effectively, improving form and increasing function while reducing pain. Massage has always been one of the most natural and instinctive means of relieving pain and improving the physiological responses at the cellular level.


(88% of Americans believe massage can be effective in reducing pain)


‘’We strive to leave a lasting impression"


#2 Complaint: Always Tired

(Lack of focus/concentration,No energy/motivation,Pain/stiffness,Headaches,Sleep issues or unexplained weight gain) 

Our answer:  Deep Tissue Detox 


*Reduced pain/dysfunction

*Strengthen immune response by eliminating waste

*Improved sleep/recovery

“Once we open up to the flow of energy within our body, we can also open up to the flow of energy in the universe.”  Wilhelm Reich

In today's world; it’s not, are you toxic ….. It’s, how toxic are you? Our belief about wellness in these modern times focuses greatly on reducing the accumulated toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

"The Center for Disease Control (CDC) now reports that up to 85% of all illnesses are caused by toxins and pollutants that are in our bodies.”

As the body ages; circulation becomes compromised, and chronic dehydration with toxic exposure causes the body to lose its ability to fight the effects of free radicals and oxidative stress that promote disease and dysfunction, nerve damage, and inflammation, creating our overall toxic load.

“The human body creates 7 different acids that are toxic to itself just for life-sustaining functions.” 

The theory is; that if we can reduce the toxic load by using an integrated combination of ancient remedies and 21st-century therapeutic applications that mimic or stimulate low functioning or compromised systems naturally, we can establish a synergistic response within the immune system that will elevate the bodys' overall bioenergetic performance.

“Most Americans come into contact with between 500-800 chemicals, contaminants, and toxins each and every day.”

Our innovative approach to reducing toxic levels is more than diet/nutrition. It’s an integrative therapeutic application of Ionic Foot Bath, Deep Tissue Massage, and Micro-circulation detox protocols that have proven to be effective in boosting the body's natural immune response. Supported with personal coaching and balanced supplementation, this unparalleled system has helped many individuals over the last several years achieve their health/wellness goals while increasing energy levels and improving their quality of life.

“We get out of it what you put into it”

So; are you interested in experiencing a new and different approach to the treatment of pain and dysfunction? Would you like to experience more positive results for your time and money invested?

Why not contact us today to book an appointment and learn more about what we can do for you...